What todo when we’re closed

When we’re closed

To give our staff breaks, We’re closed on weekends, public holidays, and the 3rd Thursday of every month for vital training. During this time if you feel you need to see a clinical person during this time please just follow the guidance below.

Non-urgent advice: If you require Emergency Help

If you or someone you know is suffering with symptoms such as:
– Chest Pain
– Severe Bleeding
– Suspected Stroke
– Collapse Or Unconsciousness
– Seizures Or Fits
– Sudden, Rapid Swelling,
– Severe Difficulty Breathing
– Or any other life threatening emergency
Dial 9 9 9 For an ambulance immediately!
For more information on when to call 999 please click here

Non-urgent advice: If you require less-urgent help

If you or someone you know requires less urgent help for problems such as:
– Diarrhoea & Vomiting
– High Temperatures
– Abdominal Pains
– You start gradually feeling unwell or breathless.

Dial 1 1 1 To get quick and helpful medical advice